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From tubes to LCDs, we handle them all!

No Picture? No Problem!

CRT Monitor Assemblies

Our technicians can diagnose and repair almost all makes and models of traditional CRT monitors and their components. From 30-year-old Galaga tubes to the latest DVI-input monitors, we can solve just about any problem. For assemblies that are just too far gone to resuscitate, we have an extensive inventory of replacements to match your game.


Today's cutting edge displays are no challenge to our expert staff. From diagnosis to component-level repair and replacement, we will keep your displays looking crisp and bright!

Projection Monitors

Projection monitors are notorious for their fragile nature. Our staff has extensive experience in both repairing and shipping these delicate assemblies.

We can also provide creative solutions for eliminating these projection units and upgrading them to CRT or even LCD technology.