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Your Information is Safe with Us

What do you do with my name, contact information, and email address?

Your name, contact, and email address are used only to contact you regarding services that you request from us, and are only provided to third parties if it is necessary to facilitate a repair or service request. If your name is provided to a third party, it is done so with the understanding that the third party shall not use your information outside of the scope of repair or service request needing further information.

What if I subscribe to an email list?

Any email lists that become available through Speedy's One Stop Repair Service will provide you the ability to remove yourself from that mailing list. Once your remove request is processed, please allow for up to 72-hours for emails to stop arriving in your mailbox due to delay in internet transmission that may hold up emails that have already been sent.

What happens when I fill out a form on this site?

The information you provide is forwarded on to a customer service representative who will contact you in order to aid in processing your request. The information is used only for the scope of that request.

What should I know about login accounts?

All login accounts at Speedy's are offered at the sole discretion of Speedy's One Stop Repair Service and may be terminated at any time. Personal login accounts are those not specifically linked to a company, and the use of such an account is typically unrestricted. Company login accounts are those accounts specifically used by a company, and at the direction of the company it is used for, Speedy's may change the password or username of the account or deactivate in the case of a primary user's seperation from that company. Any account may be deactivated by the request of the user.

Do you store my IP address?

Your IP address (an identifier provided by your internet service provider) may be stored in the process of any online transaction to help combat against internet fraud. IP address information is not made freely accessible, and is only used to investigate potential fraud situations.

What about my children?

The services provided by Speedy's One Stop Repair Service are not marketed or directed at children, and as such, we do not require date of birth or parental information in order to process requests. Should you discover that your child has accessed this site and entered into any agreement, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve the situation.

What if I have questions not answered here?

Please feel free to contact us to request any further information.